Flower Bowl - Dusty Grey
skål med sugpropp - grey
skål med sugpropp - grey
Flower Bowl - Dusty Grey
Flower Bowl - Dusty Grey
skål med sugpropp - grey
Skål med sugpropp i silikon
skål med sugpropp - grey
Flower Bowl - Dusty Grey

Flower Bowl - Dusty Grey

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This deep bowl is the perfect size to serve porridge, yogurt or stews in. The bowl attaches to smooth surfaces with a suction cup and can be washed in the dishwasher.

This bowl has a suction cup and has the perfect size for all standard high chairs, including Stokke, Tripp Trapp and Ikea Antilop.

Color: Grey
Material: Silicone
Size: 12x12x5,3 cm
Suction cup: Yes

Information about the suction cup: This is a product with a suction cup that meets the highest possible standards for being an all-silicone product. Our silicone products with a suction cup are difficult for a child to lift straight up, but they are easier to move to the side and forward/backward. This means that the vacuum under the suction cup can be released during these movements. One tip is to wet the suction cup (see the movie in the slideshow) before you attach it, then it will stick best.

Machine washable: Yes
Microwave safe: Yes

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-Elin Oresten,

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