Tallrikar & skålar med sugpropp

Children's plates & bowls

Our children's plates & bowls with suction cups are made of silicone and/or bamboo wood. Materials that are gentle on the environment and easy to clean. 

Silicone is a very flexible, soft, unbreakable and durable material. That's why our plates and bowls are perfect for toddlers who are practicing eating independently!

Choose between plates that are divided (especially preferred for picky eaters) and plates without division.

uppdelad tallrik med sugpropp - sand
uppdelad tallrik med sugpropp - grey
uppdelad tallrik med sugpropp
uppdelad tallrik med sugpropp - green
Tallrik med sugpropp
Barntallrik i silikon med sugpropp
Sold Out
Barntallrik med sugpropp - dusty grey
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barntallrik med sugpropp utan uppdelning - sand
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Tallrik med sugpropp för barn
Sold Out
barnskål i silikon med sugpropp
barnskål med sugpropp i silikon -sand
barnskål i silikon med sugpropp