About us

Knatteplock was founded out of a desire to change the way we think about baby food.

Our mission is to encourage an exploratory approach to food so that more children can have a playful and healthy relationship with food. We believe that the joy of food comes from making mealtimes fun and exciting. An important part of this is giving children the opportunity to discover food by themselves, at their own pace and in their own way. Our products are designed to make it easier for them to practice their eating skills while having fun.

With our products, we aim to create conditions that make it easier for children to discover different foods and learn to eat independently at an early age. Small children who eat independently and have control over their food intake at an early age try new foods more easily when they are older. This is the foundation for a varied diet, which is important throughout life. It also contributes to a child's sense of independence, which can have a positive impact on other areas of life.

At Knatteplock, we want to be part of the baby food revolution, where more children can choose what they eat and parents can sit back and marvel at how amazing their children are. Our vision is that all children should grow up with a positive and joyful relationship with food.