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About Knatteplock

I started my Instagram account, Knatteplock, out of a big interest in exploring a different kind of baby food than the traditional one. When my daughter Bonnie started eating solid foods, I wanted her to have a good start on her food journey. I discovered finger food and decided to follow that path with my daughter.

Over time, the account grew and became something much bigger. I wanted to make it easier for other parents who wanted to offer finger food meals to their children. Both through inspiration and information on the account, and through the products you'll find here. All products at knatteplock.se are based on encouraging the child's development and their own abilities. They are designed to enable exploratory and enjoyable eating. Carefully selected by me and my team. We hope you will enjoy them.

Elin Oresten,

mother, nutritionist & founder


All our products are made of 100% food grade silicone and are certified to LFGB and FDA standards. These have the most extensive and rigorous testing of all standard. All of our silicone products are also completely free of toxic materials and plastics such as BPA and phthalates. They are all approved for use with food. They also meet regulatory requirements for chemicals such as REACH.

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