We always strive to ensure that our products are as sustainable as possible. Both from an environmental and social perspective.

Our products are manufactured in factories where working conditions are safe and where employees are adequately compensated for their work. Our wood products are FSC certified to ensure sustainable forestry. We also ensure that our products are non-toxic, for the sake of the environment and our children. We have a code of conduct for our suppliers that covers both social and environmental aspects, which we expect them to follow.

In addition to our products, we also strive to make our transportaions as sustainably as possible. We try to select transportation  methods based on their environmental impact and, whenever possible, choose the one with the least negative impact. We also pack orders efficiently and keep in mind that delivery to the customer should be done in an environmentally friendly way.

We have a vision that our products will become even more sustainable, so we will continue to expand this area. We look forward to being part of sustainable consumption where our impact on the environment is not negative.