Footrest for Ikea Antilop chair - Bamboo

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A footrest for the high chair contributes to a safer meal for the child. If the high chair does not have a footrest, the legs "dangle" in the air, causing instability and a greater effort for the child.

Without a footrest, there is a risk that the pelvis will tilt backward, affecting the position and stability of the entire body. A backward tilted position affects the child's ability to use their muscles and can result in less control over chewing and swallowing.

A footrest for the legs simply provides stability for the rest of the body. It also makes it easier for the child to reach and grasp the food with their arms and hands.

The footrest is specially designed for the Ikea Antilop highchair. You can easily adjust the height as your child grows.

(See assembly instructions in the picture series)


Material: Bamboo wood
Includes: 1 x footrest, 4 x o-rings and 2 x clips (the o-rings are perfect when you have smaller children and need to change the height of the footrest frequently. The clips provide a firmer support and fit well when the child has grown a bit older)


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