8 tips när ditt barn inte vill äta

When the child does not eat

Posted by Elin Oresten on

Pick food and BLW are great in many ways when it comes to creating joy in eating, but sometimes it can be difficult to get started and get your child to start eating. Or maybe you have ended up in a slump where you suddenly refuse to eat.

Often it happens by throwing the food or the plate on the floor, or just playing with the food. But it doesn't have to mean that your baby isn't hungry or doesn't like the food when he throws the food or doesn't bring the food to his mouth. It is usually due to other reasons.

For example, small babies have not made the connection between satisfying hunger and putting food in the mouth and swallowing. When they then make that connection, they often eat more efficiently and more purposefully. It may take some time to get there. It could also be that they are too tired or that they have been breastfed/received compensation too close to the meal. It can also become overwhelming for them if too large a portion is presented or too many options, then it can be good to try removing the options and reducing the amount. Another good thing is to use favorite foods as a gateway to other new foods, for example having visible butter on a broccoli if the child likes butter.
Be patient and continue to offer pick-me-up even when things are slow. Because eventually it comes off, most likely!
Hope this helps someone struggling with food! It's not always a bed of roses and then it can be nice to have some tips 🥰

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