The perfect beginner spoon

What is a "pre-spoon" and what is its purpose?

A pre-spoon is a first stage to the regular spoon that is easier for babies to learn how to use. Simply a spoon for beginners. It can help develop hand-mouth coordination and ease the transition to a regular spoon.

How is a pre-spoon used?

  • From 6 months, the child can start practicing eating with a pre-spoon to ease the transition to a regular spoon. 
  • It does not matter which side the baby eats from as both sides provides practice and stimulation.
  • The spoon is designed to make the food stick easily, so the child does not have to master the actual "scooping" with the spoon. The food sticks easily to the spoon by simply placing the spoon on the food.
  • This spoon can be used as early as 4 months of age to provide taste experiences for the child. Simply dip the spoon in puree and give it to the child. 

Benefits with a pre-spoon

  • Encourages independent eating already from 6 months of age.
  • Stimulates the child's fine motor skills.
  • The spoon is designed to make the food stick easily, making mealtimes easier and more fun for you and your baby.

Foods to try with our pre-spoon

Pureed or mashed foods are perfect for serving because the design of the spoon ensures that the food sticks easily to the holes in the spoon. 

  • Puréed food (e.g. broccoli puree, stews, etc.)
  • Mashed fruit and berries.
  • Mashed avocado.
  • Porridge.
  • Homemade hummus or mashed beans.
  • Thick yogurt mixed with rice (to ease independent eating of rice and similar foods).
  • Yoghurt (preferably mixed with mashed fruit/berries and mixed seeds).