Hur påverkar jag min bebis matupplevelse?

Children's first food experiences can have great significance for their future relationship with food

Posted by Elin Oresten on

There are many reasons to introduce food through foraging. Among other things, it is about the child being able to discover and explore food himself by both feeling and tasting. We are responsible for what is offered in food, but the child is in control of what he puts in his mouth and when. In the beginning, it's mostly about letting the children test and explore. If you're still breastfeedingit doesn't matter that much that the food intake isn't always super big because breastfeeding remains a cornerstone of his nutritional intake 👶

This is a lot like BLW (Baby Led Weaning) is about; to let the child discover food at his own pace. Regardless of whether you run pure BLW or pick food (where spoon feeding/purée is mixed with finger food), it is fundamentally about letting the child's own appetite, ability and maturity guide the eating 💪

Research shows that a children's first food experiences can influence their future relationship with food. By allowing the child to explore himself in his first food experiences, we strongly believe that it can contribute to him having a positive relationship with food in the future. Then of course it is difficult to know what has had an effect in the end and BLW/pick food is no guarantee of anything, but we really believe that it can create good conditions 🥰

This is just one of all the reasons we recommend pick-me-up.


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