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Eating the same food for the whole family

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One of my main messages is to show that it is possible to prepare the same food for the whole family, starting with the introduction of children's food. That it is possible to prepare good food that is suitable for all ages.

We live in a society where "baby food" is often seen as a special kind of food that adults can not eat. I also feel that many things that are actually suitable for children cannot be eaten by them.

There is a list of about 10 foods that children under 1 year of age should not eat (see Swedish Food Agency). These should be avoided, of course, but other than that, go for it! Feel free to try all kinds of foods, especially in the first year when children's acceptance is often very high.

The best thing with finger foods is that it's easy for the whole family to eat the same thing. With a few small changes, even a small 6-month-old can eat and taste the family foods.

Here are some benefits of eating the same foods as your children early on:
- It's easy and fun! You do not have to get up and cook different dishes.
- The child can imitate you eating and learns by eating the same food themselves.
- The child can try many different tastes and textures at an early age.
- The child gets used to many different appearances of food at an early age.

This may feel like a big challenge at first, but the more you get into it, the easier it becomes. Then you do not have to eat the same thing all the time or eat together all the time, it's more about "the "big picture" Sometimes you should not go all out for this. In this case, canned food can be a good alternative.

And with particularly picky children it can sometimes be difficult, but then maybe at least some of the family food can fit on the child's plate alongside the safe food.

/Elin Oresten
Lic. nutritionist
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