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What is a "pre-spoon" and what is its purpose?

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Frequently asked questions about our Pre-Spoon
I get a lot of questions about our pre-spoon (beginner spoon), so I thought I'd collect some answers in one post.
  • What is a "pre-spoon" and what is its purpose?

    A pre-spoon is a first stage to the regular spoon that is easier for babies to learn how to use. Simply a spoon for beginners. It can help develop hand-mouth coordination and ease the transition to a regular spoon.

  • Why are there holes in the spoon?

    It might seem strange to have holes in a spoon, but the holes actually serve a purpose. This is because the food gets stuck in the holes, so the child does not have to master the actual "scooping" with the spoon. It is enough for the child to put the spoon on the food and the food will stick to the spoon. It is also sufficient for an adult to fill the spoon with food and give it to the child. The holes then make it easier for the food to stay in the spoon while the child picks it up and brings it to the mouth.

  • From what age is the spoon suitable?

    This spoon can be used as early as 4 months of age to provide taste experiences for the child. Then simply dip the spoon into some puree and give it to the child. However, many use it as early as 6 months of age to practice spoon feeding and to facilitate independent eating of more pureed/liquid foods. After that, the spoon can usually be used up to about 12 months of age, depending on how much the child has gotten used to eating independently with a spoon.

  • What kind of food is the spoon suitable for?

    The pre-spoon is best for pureed food, mashed food and more liquid food. Then the food can stick to the spoon more easily. If it is chunky food, it is better to use a regular spoon/fork or let the child eat with their hands.

I hope this provides some answers to your questions about this stage.

Personally, I think the spoon is a great component of early independent eating. It can also be a great start to practice eating independently if you are not confident eating pieces of food yet, as it can be used for pureed and mashed foods.

/Elin Oresten
Lic. nutritionist


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Pre-spoon, nybörjarsked
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