Introducera smaksensationer för barn

Introduce children to taste

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Did you know that children may need to be exposed to a flavor up to 10-15 times before they appreciate it? 😋 🥦
A child's taste can simply change over time if you offer the food multiple times!

👉Introduce flavors before the neophobic stage

A good time to introduce new flavors (and textures) is when a baby is between 4-6 months and 12-18 months old.
When children are about 12-18 months old, they usually become "neophobic," meaning they are generally more fearful of new foods (and even certain foods they previously liked). At this stage, the child often needs to be exposed to more new foods than before in order to learn to like the taste (if they ever do)🙈
If the child has been exposed to flavors before, it increases the chance that they will continue to like those flavors during this picky phase. For example, it may be good to introduce the child to a variety of vegetables and fruits so that there is a greater chance that these important food groups will be part of the child's diet when he or she grows up🥦🥕🥭
 🥴 Reactions can be easily misinterpreted
You should also keep in mind that a young child's reactions to foods can easily be misinterpreted as a sign that the child does not like the food. Of course, sometimes this can be the case, but often it is due to something else. Examples of reactions that can be easily misinterpreted include the child shaking, spitting out the food, grimacing, gagging, throwing the food away, etc. All of these things may be due to something else entirely, such as motor skills that are not yet fully developed. 

💛  How do we think?
If the baby does not seem to like something new that is served to him, he does not have to eat it, but it might be a good idea to offer it again to see if he might like it better then. We do not believe in forcing babies to like or eat something they do not want. But feel free to give him the opportunity to try it again. And one more time. But in the end, of course, you'll have to throw in the towel if it does not work out😅


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