Kan man ge pasta till bebisar?

Can you give pasta to babies?

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Pasta as BLW for babies 🍝 👶

Pasta is a food that you can introduce to your baby as soon as he is ready for solid food. In this post, we have gathered some tips about pasta as BLW for small children.

⚠️ Relatively common allergen
Pasta is often made from durum wheat, which contains one of the most common allergens (gluten). Fresh pasta also often contains eggs, which are also one of the most common allergens. If you have not tested gluten or eggs, consider serving another untested allergen in the same meal. The Swedish Food Administration recommends phasing in gluten, but that's another topic.

💪 Nutrition 
Believe it or not, pasta can be a really nutritious food. Choose a pasta with whole grains because whole grains contain many good minerals, including iron. Serve it with something rich in vitamin C, such as a good tomato sauce, and the iron absorption will be even better!

Legumes such as chickpeas, lentils or beans contain lots of protein as well as other important nutrients and fibre.

🍲 Preparation time
For small babies, it is good to cook the pasta a little longer than indicated on the package, then it is easier to eat. It should be soft, but not fall apart, because then it can no longer be grasped by hand.

🍝Size and shape
If you give your baby BLW, it is especially important to pay attention to the size and shape of the pasta. In the pictures, you can see examples of slightly different types of pasta that are suitable for different ages. But remember that all babies develop differently, so you will have to find out for yourself which sizes and shapes are suitable for you.

🍽 Serve
Pasta is not a high-risk food when it comes to swallowing, but it is much easier to chew and swallow if you serve it with a sauce. For small babies, pasta can be a bit slippery. So it's best to serve them in a deep bowl to make them easier to scoop by hand.


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