Kan man ge ris till barn?

Can you give rice to children?

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Rice and rice products are foods that should not be given to children in excess. So I thought I would do a little research on what applies to this particular topic.

🍚 ⬇️Limit the consumption of rice and rice products.

The Swedish Food Administration recommends that children under age 6 should not eat rice and rice products (e.g., rice porridge, rice noodles, and rice snacks) more than four times a week. They also should not eat rice cakes or rice drinks. Porridge and gruel made from rice may also contain arsenic, so you should switch to other types. All of this reduces the risk of the baby eating too much arsenic, a metal and toxin found in rice.

⚠️ Rice contains arsenic.
Arsenic is found in bedrock and enters rice when groundwater is used for cultivation. Arsenic concentrations in rice vary by variety, growing region, cultivation method, and preparation method. Arsenic is carcinogenic, and frequent high exposure can also cause many other health effects, including cardiovascular disease, liver damage, and chronic cough. Children are generally more sensitive to high arsenic intake

🤔But do children in other parts of the world eat a lot of rice?

There does not seem to be a clear answer to this question, but part of it may have to do with the fact that the rock in some parts of the world does not contain as much arsenic. In this case, the rice does not contain as much arsenic either. Also, there are areas of the world where both adults and children show signs of poisoning. So it seems that it is not okay for everyone to consume a large amount of rice in their diet. 

✨Bottom line - you can certainly give small children rice from time to time. But as always, it is important to have a varied diet, that is, eat different types of foods and alternate between different brands to reduce the risk of the child eating too much arsenic.


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